There are no more men and women in the salaries of Brazilian footballers

From now on, the players of Brazil's women's football team will get the same salary and match fee as the men's team. The president of the country's football federation, Hojerio Caboclo, made the announcement on Wednesday.

That means Marta, Formiga and Leticia Santos, who play in the women's team, will receive the same salary as world-famous stars Neymar, Gabriel Jesus and Roberto Firmino. As a result, there is no more gender inequality in the Brazilian team. Everybody will look at female footballers in the same way they look at male footballers.

Earlier, Australia, New Zealand and Norway decided to give equal pay to female and male players. The world champion United States women's team went to court in 2019 to demand equal pay for men. Although the judge rejected it, the American girls have appealed. Brazil applied for an equal pay last March, which will take effect at the next Olympic Games and Women's World Cup.

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