Deserted forest in the fire: the story of afforestation in a single effort

The story of deforestation by destroying trees can always be heard. But the story of afforestation by spending a lot of time in a single effort is almost rare.
Deserted forest in the fire: the story of afforestation in a single effort
An Indonesian farmer has done such a rare job. After planting trees for more than two decades, he has restored the desolate forest to its former appearance.

The people of the village called him crazy but he did not stop. The 69-year-old farmer, known as Dadu Saadiman, has spent all his resources planting trees for 24 years.

Two decades ago, the Jandal and Ampiang hills in Java province were devastated by fire, and all reservoirs dried up. Then Grandpa started planting trees day and night. The water returns to the reservoir ... the vast area gradually turns green.

Farmer Dadu Saadiman said, "If I had not planted trees, this area would have become barren land." When I first started planting banana seeds, people used to laugh. But in my experience, banana trees can hold the most water in the soil. I wanted to raise the reservoir.

In two decades, Sadiman has planted more than 11,000 trees on 617 acres of land. Ignoring the irony of satire to fulfill the dream, he has spent all his possessions.

The residents of this area could produce crops once a year due to lack of water for a long time. Now they can cultivate two to three times a year with adequate water from various sources.

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