The green is covering the holy city of Mecca


The green is covering the holy city of Mecca
The green is covering the holy city of Mecca

Saudi Arabia's National Center for Visitation Development and Combating Decertification reported that over the past five months, nearly 600 percent of Makkah's area has been covered with greenery. Besides, some areas of Makkah have recorded 200 mm rainfall.

Analysis of remote sensing data showed that in August last year, trees grew in an area of about 3,529 square kilometers of Makkah. That rate is 2.3 percent. With the amount of rain that has fallen in Makkah, the area of 26 thousand 256 square kilometers was covered with green at the end of last year. The rate of which is 17.1 decimal. News - Arab News.

Areas covered in greenery include the high mountains, the Red Sea coast, and the 500 to 2,600 m area of Makkah Taif, Al Laith, Al Jamum, Al Kamil and Khalij.

According to the authorities, various studies are being done to make Makkah a green city. Measuring the density of rain. Apart from this, the help of artificial intelligence technology is being taken.

The authorities want to take Saudi Arabia to new heights by 2030. A vision has been set for that purpose. Under that vision, work is going on to make Makkah a green city.

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