Thursday, September 21, 2023
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HomeworldA gunman has been shot dead by police in New York

A gunman has been shot dead by police in New York

A gunman has been shot dead by police in front of a church in New York. However, the identity of the deceased was not known.

The bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a New York City cathedral. Arriving at the spot, the police tried to bring the situation under control. However, he continued firing without obeying the police ban.

The man was injured in the exchange of fire. He died at the hospital in critical condition. Police recovered two handguns and a bag from the spot. Gasoline, rope, and several knives were found inside the bag.

The church choir’s annual Christmas concert, Covid-19, was held on the stairs outside due to health regulations. About 200 people were present at the concert.

The shooting happened about 15 minutes after the ceremony ended. The artists and most of the spectators were then either inside the church or left before the shooting started. There were about 15 people when a gunman with a pistol appeared at the top of the stairs.

A Reuters photographer at the scene said the gunman came in and shouted “kill me”, “shoot me” and fired a pistol; The people standing there panicked and started running to hide.

Police officers in hiding instructed the suspect to drop his weapon several times, but they fired after the order was ignored. The shots lasted for several minutes, the Reuters photojournalist said.


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