Thursday, September 21, 2023
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A record 13 thousand deaths in a single day in the world in Corona

Coronavirus has killed a record 13,000 people worldwide in a single day.

Of these, about three and a half thousand people have died in the United States alone. Which is the highest so far. About seven and a half crore 45 lakh 34 thousand 175 corona patients have been identified all over the world so far. Besides, 16 lakh 55 thousand 226 people have died due to corona infection so far. And 5 crore 23 lakh 72 thousand 546 people have recovered after being infected with corona.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has called on Europeans to wear masks at social and family gatherings on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas. The agency said in a statement on Wednesday that there was a risk of a new corona outbreak in Europe in the first half of next year if it was not alerted during the Christmas holidays.

Germany has announced that schools and non-essential business activities will be closed from Wednesday until January 10 due to increased coronary heart disease. An evening curfew has been imposed in France. Breaking the curfew without an urgent need will result in a fine of 135 euros.


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