Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Bara’s opponent in the night in La Liga is Sociedad

Spanish giants Barcelona will play the only match of the night in La Liga.

Barcelona is not having a good season at all. At the end of 11 matches, Koman’s team is at the number 8 in the table with only 5 wins. Injured Bara camp. Dembele, Fati, PK, and Roberto are not matched fit. However, the good news for Bara is that Sociedad has not won the last three matches. Barcelona has not lost in any of the last 8 matches in the league against Sociedad. Messi-Griezmann won the last 22 home matches against Sociedad.

Meanwhile, defending champions Liverpool will take to the field in the English League at night. Allreds will host topper Tottenham in the home match. The match is very important for the club team. If they can defeat Mourinho’s disciples, Salah-Manera will remove them and reach the top. However, Liverpool will have a lot of problems due to injury. Center back von Dyke and Gomez are completely unfit. There are also fears about Matip. Diego Jata, Shakiri, and Thiago are also not match-fit. However, Nabi Keita can return healthy in this match.

Both the Spanish League and the English League will be played at 2 p.m.


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