Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Christmas and New Year with Corona

The second wave of coronavirus is underway. And at the same time different countries of the world are busy with various arrangements to celebrate Christmas and English New Year.

However, this time around, different countries of Europe have started giving new lockdowns ahead of Christmas and New Year to prevent corona infection.

Now is the time for an epidemic, a world full of contagious viruses. Christmas is coming soon. However, the people of different countries of the world will not be able to celebrate the biggest Christian festival together this time. Because, strict lockdown is going on in the country to prevent infection.

The United Kingdom has imposed strict rules ahead of Christmas due to a new type of coronavirus infection. The World Health Organization fears the new virus could spread faster than the corona. But it is not as deadly as Corona. Under such circumstances, new lockdown rules have been imposed in London and the south-east of England until December 30. However, considering the situation, the lockdown period may be extended, experts say.

The Netherlands has announced that flights will be suspended until January 1 due to an increase in coronary heart disease in the United Kingdom. There is also a five-week lockdown, which will continue until mid-January.

Due to the increase in coronary heart disease in Germany, it has been decided to close schools and non-essential business activities from December 16. The new rules will remain in place until January 10. France has imposed an evening curfew, breaking the curfew without an emergency will result in a fine of 135 euros.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced a new lockdown. Unnecessary shops, businesses, bars and restaurants will be closed until the first week of January.

Meanwhile, Austria is going to lockdown in the third phase from December 26.

In addition, travel bans have been imposed in Sydney, Australia due to an increase in coronary heart disease. The administrations of the states of Victoria and New South Wales have decided to close the border with Sydney.


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