Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Expatriate Bangladeshis lost their jobs due to corona

Since the beginning of the Corona epidemic, various institutions have been shut down in lockdown and Saudi expatriates have been living in crisis after losing their jobs.

Many expatriates work in Saudi Arabia, a Middle Eastern country. No one can get out of the house without urgent need. In this situation, millions of Saudi expatriates have become unemployed. Bangladeshis who are staying illegally are in more crisis.

Industrial and business establishments in various parts of Saudi Arabia have been shut down since the start of the epidemic coronavirus lockdown. Since then, the number of expatriate Bangladeshi workers has been increasing day by day.

A Saudi expatriate said, ‘Working people do not have jobs. For those who used to trade, their business is almost closed. They are living with great difficulty.

Another expatriate said, ‘Thousands of people have become unemployed due to the closure of institutions. There are about three or four unemployed people in each room where we live.

Thousands of migrant workers lost their jobs as coronary heart disease continued for ten months. Corona has changed the lives of Bangladeshi citizens. Many are losing their jobs and getting lost. There is no work except sitting and eating. They said many could not return to the country due to lack of money.

Just as migrant workers have lost their jobs, so have their dependent family members.


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