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Fraud targeting retired high-ranking officials

Once deceived, they themselves become big deceivers. Target Retired government-private high-ranking officials. In the name of high-paying jobs in multinational companies, there is a trap of cheating. Business investment, gambling offers are given. Wear fake RCDs or Royal Cheating Department.

Syed Mahbub e Jamil. Former Director of Bangladesh Employees Welfare Board. Looking for a job after retirement in 2018. On January 2, a man by the name of engineer Masood offered him a job with a monthly salary of 4,000. The next day he was called to this house in the Bashundhara residential area of ​​the capital. At one point in the discussion, a Marwari, who spoke a mixture of Hindi and English, suddenly arrived. Introduce yourself as a big businessman. Talking about the job, the business offer was called. He took away 56 lakh rupees.

Syed Mahbub E Jamil said, ‘It is said that we will give you 4,000 a month and a full-time car, two bonuses a year. The next day I brought 6 lakh rupees. The next day I brought another 50 lakh rupees.

Mohammad Ali, a former executive engineer of the Public Works Department, was called in to give a similar job. 64 lakh rupees was taken from him. Mohammad Ali said, ‘He first took Tk 8 lakh from me saying that he lives as a shareholder. After that, he withheld the money and took Tk 64.5 lakh on various pretexts.

Monwarul Islam, a former commander of the navy, was lured into a gambling table with a monthly salary of Tk 5-6 lakh. 14 lakh was taken from him. Monwarul Islam said, ‘After going there, they are trapped in a business story. A Marwari introduces the gentleman. They took 14 lakh rupees from me in two days as the current condition of their business is bad.

The detectives started searching the victims one after another after allegations and cases. Find RCD or Royal Cheating Department. Police arrested 4 members of the gang during the operation. 80 lakh was recovered. Shahidul Islam is the leader of the clique. Engineer Masood introduced himself as. He claimed that in 2001 he was cheated by such a cycle. He later wrote his name on this line. From 2003 to 2011 he was the chairman of Ghatmajhi Union Parishad in Kalkini Upazila of Madaripur.

Shahidul Islam, the leader of the fraudsters, said, ‘I came to this line again in 13-14. After coming, I also do two or three jobs. I lost that job, so I got in trouble. That case is still with me. ‘

The real name of this man who emerged as a Marwari trader is Azad. He also claims that he has been deceived and has come down this line. Azad said, ‘About 3 years ago, I was cheated of Rs 4 million by a fraud ring. At first, I didn’t understand, then they taught me slowly.

The members of the clique often held meetings at five-star hotels in the capital. He used to pay lakhs of rupees. Police say that 4 people were involved in the fraud. Target, retired government, and private officials. First, offer high-paying jobs in multinational companies. Then business. Cheating in the last three card games.

Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Gulshan Division Deputy Commissioner of Police Mashiur Rahman said, ‘Those who are the victims are none other than the street. These are experienced and educated people. They sometimes fall into their trap so as not to exhaust themselves. In this way, they have more to give to society. But when it comes to giving to society, it takes a different ground. In this society, sweet words cannot be forgotten, they forget. ‘

The cycle is usually 1-month rent in a house. Police have received information of more than 8 house changes in the last one year. Shahidul, the team leader of the group, claims that there are such small and big gangs all over the country like viruses.


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