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In the 50 years of victory, the story of not getting is more than getting in the stadium

Bangladesh entered its 50th year of victory. How far has the red-green stadium gone at this long time? The story of not getting the answer is more than getting it.

Organizers say the reason is a lack of government support and patronage. The reply of the State Minister for Sports is that in the coming days, additional attention will be given to the overall development of the stadium.

Bangladesh is in its fiftieth year of victory. Looking back on the golden jubilee, most of the success of the stadium is in the hands of cricket. On the world stage, the Tigers have repeatedly introduced red-green flags.

However, the fragments of success are still the source of Bangladesh. Many neighboring countries have won the World Cup. The Tigers could not win the Asia Cup there.

However, the youth of Bengal have also matched the tune. The current ICC Youth Bishop’s Trophy is in Bangladesh. In the history of 50 years, the highest success in the country’s sports must be said. But there is a sigh in football. The place of pride has decreased and regret has increased. Independence is where the great club football of North Bangladesh flew. In the midst of that debate, the country’s football is in turmoil. However, the mentality has improved.

In the last decade, Bangladeshi girls are now regulars in football. Bengali girls are more proud in the international arena than boys. Only once in the last fifty years has the men’s team won the SAF Football Championship and the SA Games Gold Medal?

Standing on the golden jubilee of victory, apart from cricket and football, Gona is a familiar face in the country’s sports arena. Golf Siddique; Won the Asian Tour. In the SS Games, Roman Sanara went to the archery and hung all the ten gold pieces around his neck. After winning gold in the SA Games, Mabiya’s tears touched the hearts of all Bengalis, so Suimala Shila also made a name for herself.

However, success outside of South Asia is scattered. Whatever came, was brought by the shooters. Since 1990, medals have been awarded to the Commonwealth repeatedly in 1997, 2010, 14 or 18 shootings. Despite having a sports-friendly Prime Minister, Bangladesh has got a minister to take the sports arena forward in this arena. That question often comes up now.

In other words, man is as big as his dream. The well-wishers of the stadium think that there is an intense hunger for success with the right plan and patronage to move forward by erasing the stories of not getting 50 years.


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