Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Live broadcast of Joe Biden’s vaccination

Newly elected US President Joe Biden took the Corona vaccine. This vaccinated scene of 78-year-old Biden was broadcast live. Biden’s move is intended to motivate Americans to take the vaccine. He took the Pfizer vaccine.

Meanwhile, outgoing President Donald Trump has not yet been vaccinated. He did not say when he would take the vaccine, or whether he would take it at all.

Sharing the video of the vaccination, Biden tweeted, “I took the covid vaccine today. I am grateful to all the scientists and researchers who have invented this vaccine. My dear American, no more worries. You can get the vaccine as soon as it comes on the market. ‘

Biden was vaccinated at Christina Hospital in New York. He or she took this vaccine in hand. Wife Jill was also vaccinated. “I have had this vaccine before,” Biden said. I’m waiting for the second dose. So is Jill. Jill also liked the vaccine.

Several European countries, including Britain, have already imposed new restrictions on a new strain of coronavirus. With all that in mind, Biden told the countrymen, ‘Listen to what the health workers are saying. Wear a mask. Follow the rules of social distance.


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