Thursday, September 21, 2023
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MP proposes marriage to girlfriend in Parliament speech

A Member of Parliament (MP) proposed marriage to his girlfriend while addressing Parliament. Netizens are already buzzing about such a feat.
In Australia, MP Nathan Lambert proposed to his girlfriend while giving his inaugural address to Parliament. However, at this time, he said, for the time being, he does not have any ring with him.

He made this proposal while delivering the inaugural address to the Parliament on Wednesday (March 8). “I think we should get married,” Lambert told his lover, Noah Ehrlich, as he rose to address the busy parliament. Both sides of the chamber burst into applause at such a proposal.”

After that, Lambert said, “I didn’t bring the ring at the moment.” Because no proposal is allowed here. But the thing is protected in a secret place. I have a romantic plan to take it out within ten minutes after the children fall asleep at night.’

Lambert and Noah are in a live-in relationship. They also have two children. But even though they were together, they did not get married for a long time. This time, Noah responded to Lambert’s proposal, so the marriage is now a matter of time.

Australian Member of Parliament (MP) Nathan Lambert said, “He (Noah) has agreed.” It’s great. Now we can go further together. News – The Guardian’s.

He also said that he had a great plan to propose. But it was not happening due to the pandemic corona and other problems. Finally, he completed the work of the marriage proposal in the parliament. That too during the Parliament.



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