Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Passenger plane shooting in Indonesia

A Trigana Air Boeing 737-59D passenger plane was shot at least 9 times at Nop Goliath Dekai Airport in Yahukimo, Papua, Indonesia.

Miscreants shot the plane 4 times during landing and five more times during take-off. However, there were no casualties.

Meanwhile, it is not yet confirmed who is involved in the shooting incident. Yahuquimo Resort Police said they are trying to find the gunman.

The head of the public relations department of the Papua Regional Police said that he heard about the incident from those who were in charge of security at the airport that day. An investigation into the incident has started. Hope to be able to arrest the culprits soon.

However, after the second shooting, the plane was inspected again at Sentani Airport in Jaipur, Papua, where a small bullet hole was found under the plane and a passenger was hit by splinters from a chair.

After this incident, Benny said, our joint law enforcement forces are trying to find the culprits immediately. Knop Goliath is trying to find information from terrorist activity sites in the Decay Airport area.

During the search, the joint team arrested three motorbikes and seven people along with indigenous weapons and recovered several pieces of evidence from around TKP. News: Indonesia Post.



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