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Public universities will be able to take final exams at undergraduate and postgraduate level: UCG

The decision of the Academic Council will allow public universities to take the final examination at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, necessary steps will be taken as per the decision of the Academic Council of the concerned university to conduct the final examinations of undergraduate and postgraduate level in the public universities of the country, said the University Grants Commission-UGC.

UGC Chairman Prof. The decision was taken at a virtual meeting of the vice-chancellors of 39 public universities with the UGC on Sunday, chaired by Kazi Shahidullah.

UGC member Professor. Muhammad Alamgir UGC member Professor at the meeting. Md. Sajjad Hossain, Professor. Biswajit Chand, Professor. Md. Abu Taher, UGC Secretary (additional responsibilities) said. Ferdous Zaman, director of public relations and information rights. Shamsul Arefin and Director of Public University Management. Kamal Hossain was involved.

At the meeting, Prof. Dr. in charge of UGC Public University. Muhammad Alamgir made seven recommendations on semester final exams and practical classes and assessments at public universities in the country during the Corona period.

The recommendations are 1. Universities may take necessary steps as per the decision of the Academic Council in view of the recommendations of the concerned committees regarding the final examination of the semester of undergraduate and postgraduate students to overcome the irreparable damage done to the educational life of the public university students due to the global epidemic Covid-19 crisis.

2. Unfinished practical classes in science, technology, agriculture, medicine, and other disciplines and their assessment should be completed in phases in compliance with the health rules.

3. Students studying in the last semester will be given priority in completing the semester exams, practical classes, and assessments.

4. As the educational institutions in Karona are closed under the direction of the government, the residential halls of the university should be kept closed.

5. Keeping in mind the issue of health protection of the students, the examination and practical classes have to be completed in full compliance with the hygiene rules. For this, students have to enter the campus at most 1 hour before the start of the exam and practical class and leave the campus within 1 hour after the end.

6. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, online education activities will continue in educational institutions.

7. Universities need to adhere to and follow the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

At the meeting, the UGC chairman said, “The dean’s committee of the public universities, the academic council, and the concerned committee will take the final decision about taking the examination.” Care should be taken not to raise any question about the quality of the test. He advised taking the test periodically according to the ability without rushing.

The vice-chancellors informed the meeting that online teaching is continuing in the Corona situation. The unfinished semester is in its final stages. The students are disappointed that the exams were not held. They are separating themselves from the educational activities of the next semester. Without exams or assessments, online education will fall on deaf ears. It is in the national interest to take the test.

The Vice-Chancellors of various universities requested the UGC to send a letter to the PSC to extend the application time for the recently announced BCS examination.


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