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The 2007 iPhone was sold for $63,000

The 2007 iPhone was sold for $63,000
The 2007 iPhone was sold for $63,000

The first generation iPhone made by Apple was released in 2007. The phone was recently sold at an online auction for $63,356, which is more than 100 times its original price.

According to US auction house LCG Auctions, this is the first-edition iPhone. Which was kept in a box, which was never opened.

LCG Auctions estimated the price of this unused iPhone to go up to $50,000. But their idea proved wrong, the iPhone was sold for 63 thousand 356 dollars. In 2007, the price of the phone was 599 dollars.

The three-and-a-half-inch screen iPhone has a 2-megapixel camera and eight gigabytes of storage. It has no app store and runs on the 2G network.

The iPhone was gifted to cosmetic tattoo artist Karen Green in 2007. Although he received the iPhone as a gift about 15 years ago, he carefully kept it in his collection without opening the packaging.



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