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The people of Kurigram are overwhelmed with the approval of the proposal to set up an agricultural university

The people of Kurigram district have expressed their gratitude to the government and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for approving the draft proposal to set up an agricultural university in the poverty-stricken district of Kurigram on the northern border.

Joy spread across the district in response to the approval of the draft ‘Kurigram Agricultural University Act-2020’ at the virtual cabinet meeting on Monday (December 21st). Prominent people including students, parents and professionals are applauding the government’s decision as well as expressing their gratitude. Salute to the head of government is going on through social media.

Salman Didar, a student at Kurigram Government College, said, “We are very excited. It is found unique to our district. The establishment of an agricultural university will play a role not only in the field of education but also in the modernization, research and development of agriculture in the district as well as in economic development. We thank the Prime Minister. As always, he showed his sincerity towards the people of Kurigram. ‘

Sohail Ahmed, a former student, said, “It is one of the most popular in the district. Although it is late, the people of the district, including me, are really thrilled to know that this request is being implemented. We are grateful to the Hon’ble Prime Minister. Even if I don’t get a chance to study at this university, it feels good to think that our next generation will be able to study. The decision to establish this university in the agricultural village of Kridigram will be very timely and fruitful. This will lead to the development, prosperity and expansion of agriculture in the area along with the development of knowledge of the students of the region.

Students as well as leaders of political and social organizations have applauded the government’s decision. They say a university demands the lives of the people of this district. The Awami League government is not just a university, it is going to fulfill the dreams of the people of this district. This decision of the government will play a role in modernizing agriculture and alleviating poverty along with expanding the educational opportunities of the people of the district. Besides, the importance of Kurigram district in the economic index will increase.

“It is a good initiative, we are happy,” said Mostafizur Rahman Saju, a prominent businessman in the district town. Our claim was a public university. However, despite being a specialized university, thanks to the Prime Minister, he is going to fulfill a much-desired desire of the people of the district. The university is not just a place to study, there can be research as well as some new inventions. If the university is established, various trades will also spread in the district. This will make many people of the district economically self-sufficient. We want this university to start its educational activities as soon as possible after completing all the procedures quickly and to have the opportunity to study all kinds of subjects. ‘

Nahid Hasan, a former central leader and organizer of the Railway-Naval, Communications and Environment Development People’s Committee, said, “There is no language to express gratitude. It is our absolute find. If this university launches its activities, the overall picture of the district will change. Along with the modernization of agriculture, the door will be opened for the possibility of an agricultural revolution in the vast char areas of the district.

SM Abraham Lincoln, Principal, Kurigram Law College, a renowned academic and researcher, said, He promised to give it to the Agricultural University. He did so with the approval of the cabinet.

He further said, “If a university is created, it will create opportunities for higher education as well as various employment opportunities around the university. Even though it is an agricultural university, there are opportunities to study other subjects as well.

Although the proposed university is based on agriculture, it should include general subjects, said Abraham Lincoln. ‘By doing this, many students from our neighboring districts and border states will be interested in education and research here. As a result, it will take the form of a public institution. However, he suggested choosing a place where the communication system is good in determining the location of the university.

District Awami League general secretary Aman Uddin Ahmed Monju thanked the prime minister for approving the draft proposal to set up a university in the district. He said, “In a video conference with Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Kurigram district on May 4, I politely informed her that everyone knows Kurigram as a backward area.” He has done a lot for the people of the district without asking the people here. In its continuation, he gifted Kurigram Agricultural University. This is a unique achievement in Mujib’s year. ‘

The Awami League leader further said, “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given a lot to Kurigram. We are eternally grateful to him. I am now assuring the people of the district that the Prime Minister will give us a medical college as well as his promised economic zone in the coming days. I myself will make this demand to the Prime Minister. We, the people of the district, pray for the Prime Minister, may Allah enable him to run the country in good health. ‘


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