Thursday, September 21, 2023
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There are about 17 lakh deaths in the world in Corona, more than 7 crore 71 lakh identified

7 thousand 930 people died in one day in the world in Corona. The total death toll is about 17 lakhs. More than 5 lakh 45 thousand newly identified.

The total corona identification has exceeded 7 crore 71 lakh. In the United States, meanwhile, the daily death toll has dropped to 1,400 a day. And the US Congress has agreed to an incentive package to deal with Corona.

The country is about to pass a 900 billion package to help those affected by the Corona and recover the economy. If passed in Congress, it would be the country’s biggest incentive package to tackle corona.

Meanwhile, Trump’s spiritual adviser Gentgen Franklin has been attacked by Corona. On the other hand, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has said that the coronavirus vaccine may be introduced in India next January.


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