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This year’s trade fair will be held in Purbachal

The Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) has decided not to hold the Dhaka International Trade Fair 2021 in January due to the Corona crisis.

Due to Corona, the 26th ‘Dhaka International Trade Fair-2021’ is not being held in January this year. However, the month-long fair will be inaugurated on any day in the month of March with the consent of the Prime Minister to a limited extent in compliance with the hygiene rules to reduce the incidence of the corona. Considering all this, preparations are being made to organize an international trade fair in March at the Permanent Exhibition Center in Purbachal. As a result, this is the first time a fair is being organized in Purbachal. In addition to physical presence, the fair will also run online this time.

The trade fair was discussed at a meeting of the Board of Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) chaired by Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi on Sunday.

At the discussion meeting, EPB Director-General Mahbubur Rahman said, ‘Preparations are being made to organize this trade fair for Corona in compliance with the health rules. The fair will be organized depending on the situation. For this, online management of stalls or pavilions will be kept.

For so long, the Dhaka International Trade Fair was being held at a temporary place in Agargaon on January 1. Although the fair starts from the first day of the English year every year, it is proposed to start this year’s fair in March due to the second push of Corona from November. As a result, the government is preparing to organize the International Trade Fair in Purbachal next March in both online and physical presence.


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