Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Today, almost 400 years later, Saturn and Jupiter are paired

The world is going to face a rare supernatural scene. Today, nearly 400 years later, Jupiter and Saturn, the two planets in our solar system, are getting closer. If the sky is clear, the first and second largest planets will be visible to the naked eye in Bangladesh soon after sunset on Monday.

Jupiter usually passes by the neighboring planet Saturn every 20 years. But this time the scene is different. After 397 years, these two planets are coming closest to the solar system. Will come so close that the distance between them will be only one tenth of 10 degree. That’s what astronomers say. NASA has named this event as Christmas Star.

The last time Saturn and Jupiter came so close was in July 1623. Exactly 13 years ago, the scientist Galileo Galilei built the first telescope. Although he could not see the connection between Saturn and Jupiter due to bad weather, he found four moons of Jupiter. See also Saturn’s ring and solar point. Before that, in March 1226, Jupiter and Saturn came very close to each other.

If all goes well, the two planets will come so close in 2080 after 60 years. Curious people all over the world are already eager to see this supernatural scene. Looking forward to witnessing this rare moment. However, even though the two planets are so close, there is not much to worry about. Because the distance between them will be 735 million kilometers.


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