Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Trump has fought for something he is not doing as a coronavirus rage

As the history of the epidemic unfolded, one of the most mysterious secrets President Donald Trump has been doing in his non-existent days since the death toll of Covid-19 in the United States exceeded 3,000 a day was that the virus could not be tested. Investigated what could be the difference between people being able to eat this holiday season and being forced to sleep on the streets.

Trump became president thinking he was the perfect deal maker, the chief executive who could make things happen with the flick of his finger. He will go down in history, who in 100 years, by disregarding the mask and taking safety precautions designed by his own administration, has made the misery and tragedy of the most consequential epidemic worse – a man incapable of sympathy, He decided to stay in the White House bubble at a time when leadership was important.

For weeks, Trump has spent most of his time plotting how to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s November winning results, as he fled his supporters to sue for rare cases that left some supporters out of court. His own judicial appointment. When these attempts failed,
He then began to look forward to January when a joint session of Congress formally met to count the results of the electoral college – seeing another opportunity to try and fail the democratic process.


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