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UK business needs to ‘wake up’ to Chinese Uyghur cotton slaves

According to a member of the influential parliamentary committee, UK traders need to investigate where they can get their cotton to avoid buying material produced by slave labor.

The call came after a BBC investigation.

Documents show that China is forcing millions of Uighurs and other minorities into hard labor.

“UK businesses need to be aware of this worrying reality now,” said MP Nusrat Ghani.

Issue investigator M about the business. S. Ghani said businesses must “stop denying knowledge of what is happening, scrutinize their supply lines and make sure it is clear that they are not benefiting from slave labor and the oppression of Uyghurs”. Said those who have investigated the matter for business. Energy and Industrial Strategy (BIIS) Committee.

The BBC has contacted 30 major international brands. Marx and Spencer, Next, and Tesco have said they have policies that ensure that products from China do not use Xinjiang’s raw cotton, and Barberry says they will not use any cotton from China at all.

Others, including those who do not provide direct sources from Xinjiang, are unable to guarantee access to its cotton supply chain anywhere else.

Nine did not respond.

Ms. Gani praised the companies but commented that more companies should follow them.

Peter Andrews, head of sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, said: “Protecting the well-being of the people and the community is fundamental to our members’ sourcing practices, and retailers are investigating their supplies from China, especially from the Xinjiang region, to ensure forced labor.” Holding “”

The UK passed anti-slavery laws in 2015 under modern slavery law.


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