Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Walmart has launched a sales campaign targeting Trump

Walmart, Microsoft team tick bids ‘perfect’: investment experts

H Square Research researcher Hitha Herzog thinks Walmart’s decision is inspired by the ‘why build it if you can only achieve it’ mentality. Kristin Bentz of KB Advisory Group believes buying Tiktok will help Walmart bring Amazon down.

On Friday Walmart is launching Livestream Shopping Event Tickets for the first time, a short-form video app popular among teenagers and seen as suspicious of the Trump administration.

The retail giant has partnered with 10 TickTock influencers to promote Walmart fashion items, which users can purchase directly from the app during a Livestream shopping experience called “Holiday Shop-Allen Spectacular” starting at 8 am.

“Naturally, when Tiktok began searching for a new shoppable product, we jumped at the chance to pilot the solution,” William White, chief marketing officer at Walmart US, said in a statement on Thursday. “I’m thrilled to be closing in 2020 by innovating on behalf of our fast-growing social community customers.”

TickTock users will be able to purchase the Walmart app directly by clicking on the influencer feature featuring Walmart items, such as Instagram’s app purchase tool.

Holiday Shop-Allen Spectacular will be the first Livestream shopping event to host tickets, with 100 million US users.


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